Hey guys! How’s everyone doing during quarantine? I am on day 17 and it was just announced that the “intelligent  lockdown” rules in the Netherlands will be extended until April 28. It is still hard to believe the unprecedented times we are living in. 

At the start of this period I really thought – “Oh no! What am I going to do with all this time at home?”-. But so far, I haven’t had a dull moment! We made a long list of things to do around the house that kept us quite busy. And now that I know that we will stay at home for more weeks, I am making a plan to make sure I stay active and invest this time wisely. 

I know that not being able to go out, see friends, go to the gym, etc. can be really daunting. It can affect your mood and productivity and lead you to spend your days on the couch binge-watching Netflix. And hey, nothing wrong with that, we have as well taken some evenings to just watch series and eat ice cream. But in the long run and after this period is done (hopefully soon), you may regret you didn’t use your time in a more positive way. 

Think of three things that you’ve been wanting to do or learn, but because of lack of time or motivation you’ve left aside. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start writing, learn a new skill, try a new recipe (If you need some inspiration, check Skillshare, you will find lots of courses you can follow online). Whatever it is, this is your chance to make it happen! So here are some tips to help you make the most out of your time at home.

Get a morning routine
Create a morning ritual, like making a cup of tea right away to re-hydrate, doing a few stretches, playing a happy song. Anything that can help you set the tone for your day and that you can do on a regular basis. Avoid snoozing and try to wake up every day at the same time, your internal clock will thank you. And I say this all the time: avoid looking at your phone first thing in the morning, take a few minutes to check in with yourself and then you can check what the rest of the world is doing.

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Clean your space
Having a neat, clutter free working space and home will instantly calm you down and reduce distractions. So if by now you haven’t already cleared all your cupboards. This is the time! Make your home the place that gives you energy.

Make a plan (Schedule your day & week)
Start by
making a list of the things you want to achieve in the following weeks and have that list somewhere visible. Now that you have a general overview of things that you want to get done, get specific! When are you going to do it?  What do you need? Sort your tasks per relevancy and make a daily and weekly plan. Make sure to scratch those completed to-do’s, it feels so good! We use the Wunderlist app to share and complete to-do’s together. 

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Take breaks
Make sure to take time to rest, take a coffee break in the sun, a walk around the neighborhood (if you can still go out). You will come back with fresh energy to complete your activities.

Reduce your social media and news consumption
It is good to stay informed of the developments of the pandemic, however, over consumption of this news can lead you to feeling depressed and overwhelmed. Also, stay away from comparing yourself to others and how they are spending their quarantine time. Focus on yourself and the things you want to achieve. Use technology to your favor, and turn off all those unnecessary notifications from social media and news feeds.

Eat healthy
Getting the right fuel into your body will help you feel energized. Fill up your fridge with fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Stay clear of junk food and refined sugars, putting extra special attention to your diet these days when we are more sedentary than ever is super important. You can find some of my favorite vegetarian recipes here

Things to do during quarantineExercise
Make time to workout regularly. So many gyms, yoga and Pilates studios are currently offering free online classes, take advantage of that. Doing physical activity will help you feel happier and energized. Some of my all time favorites are Boho Beautiful and the ‘Sweat’ app

Learning how to quiet your mind is incredibly powerful. It can help us to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and anxiety. Plus, it has great benefits in terms of productivity as it helps with focus and better sleep. If you don’t know where to start, there are apps like Headspace and Insight timer that offer free guided meditation sessions. And Skillshare offers mediation courses as well. 

Stay in touch with friends and family
Social isolation doesn’t mean that you can’t be close to those you love. Staying (digitally) together is easier than ever before! Schedule regular calls with friends, family and colleagues. Make it fun, have digital Friday drinks, play some games! Totally recommend the houseparty app.


Dress up for yourself
Dressing up a bit rather than staying in your PJ’s or chill clothes the whole day can be such a mood booster. So put on some pretty clothes a touch of lipstick and start your day fresh. 

I am curious to know what your plans are for the coming weeks! Please share some of the activities on your list.

Stay home, stay healthy!