From March 11 to March 17 the “Nationale Week Zonder Vlees” (National week without meat) is happening in the Netherlands. This initiative was initiated by Isabel Boerdam, blogger of De Hippe Vegetariër in 2017 to increase awareness on the environmental impact involved with meat consumption.

The problem is a lot bigger than you may think, just to mention a few facts:

  • Globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined.
  • It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 500 grams of beef.
  • Commercial fishing methods often clear the ocean floor of all life and destroy coral reefs.

Healthwise, several studies suggest that we don’t really need to consume animal protein (at least not as much as we’ve been told) to stay healthy. In fact, a lot of health issues are related to the consumption of meat and dairy products.

That said, it would be great if you join the challenge! Both in the benefit of the planet and your health. To make it easier for you, I am sharing some of the recipes that are part of my weekly meals.

There is a misconception that eating vegetarian & vegan meals is boring, tasteless, difficult and lack of nutrients. I dare to say that these recipes will make you forget about meat altogether. Enjoy!

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