I love the Christmas season! Being around family and friends, the festive, jolly mood everyone has. The delicious food, the cozy vibes, and all the pretty decorations, not for nothing they call it the “most wonderful time of the year”. Though, there is something about the festive season that I am not always in favor off, gift-giving. I feel like many times we just buy whatever we find just because we “have to” give something, it can be overwhelming and there’s just too much waste linked to it.

To me “giving” is something that we shouldn’t do one day a year only and that the presents we give should be more meaningful and that gifts don’t even have to be tangible. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to be more conscious about the impact I have on the environment and I wanted to put together this list of Sustainable Holiday Gifts ideas to help you more easily shop according to the specific interests and passions of those you love, that are easy on the environment and also in your pocket.

For  the home lover
An indoor plant
An organic candle
A basket: can be used for potted plants, for towel and linens storage, as a laundry basket, etc.

For the one that’s always on the go
A reusable water bottle
coffee to-go cup
An eco-friendly planner

For that friend of yours that’s all about wellness and spirituality
Subscription to a mindfulness app like headspace
An eco-friendly yoga mat
A wellness set

Body lotion from iLoveEcoEssentials
A lipstick made from natural ingredients. I love the ones from &other stories
A gift card from 100 percent pure. They have the most amazing clean beauty products.

For the fashionista
An organic cotton t-shirt
Handmade bag
A gift card to go hunting for treasures at a vintage shop

Enjoying together
These are my favorite type of presents. I am all for giving experiences and moments with your loved ones. It has a lot more value than yet another Christmas sweater that most likely you won’t wear after this season.

A few ideas:

  • A dinner for two at that restaurant you know your friend, mom, hubby is been wanting to go.
  • A workshop to learn a new skill (photography, gardening, painting).
  • An escape room. They are super popular in Amsterdam (and many other places, I hope they have them where you are). They are a lot of fun! Suitable for a big group so you can do it with your whole family or group of friends.
  • Plan a weekend away together.

I hope this gift guide is helpful and remember to consider what that person will truly use and enjoy, avoid buying just for the sake of giving something. Take this holiday season as an opportunity to have a positive impact by shopping consciously and supporting the amazing eco-friendly and sustainable brands out there that are making a difference.