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I am delighted to finally relaunch my personal blog! You might be wondering why I stayed so quiet for a bit over a year. There are a few reasons involved but time was probably the main one. I have simply been too busy: new job, the (abroad) wedding planning, volunteer work, social commitments.  Blogging became one of those things that drifted away as I let other things take priority. But to be frank, I was also embarrassed by my out-of-date blog website, I didn’t really want people to see it, it was not up to my standard and it just didn’t reflect who I am.

I needed an extra hand

For the last months I have been wanting to work on it but not knowing where to begin combined with procrastination, played a big role on the progress I made. If you, like me, are not web savvy, it can be pretty overwhelming to get started on an online business from scratch. There is too much information and too many technical hurdles.

In any project, there is a point when you have to decide what you can do on your own and what you need help with.

For me it was clear that I needed an extra hand to speed up the process of building my new site. Luckily, I have the fortune to know Sofia Chalkidi from Web Friendly who assured me that it was easier than I thought and right after our first meeting we got hands on! She has been amazing in setting up all the technical features, giving me industry related advice and guiding me through every detail! I know it would’ve been a lot harder without her to get to this point. So if you are in a similar situation – trying to do everything on your own – Stop! Use your time efficiently and concentrate on what you are best at.

Now that I have have a great looking website, I am far more motivated to write and work on new content!

The new Fashpoint

Another reason for my delay to take this step was not knowing where I wanted to go with this platform. This past year has been a year of change and growth for me, both personally and professionally, and that helped me to narrow down what I want to work for. The fashion blogging world is already over saturated and it seems to be a lot of the same going on, that really held me back. But the truth is that when I looked back to when I started, I realized that blogging gave me a lot of joy.

Tania Pescador polka dot jumpsuit


Fashion to me has the power to bring color to everyday life (literally and figuratively) and blogging gives me the freedom to express myself and be creative.

Moving forward, my aim is to make of Fashpoint a place where you can find not only style inspiration but true and useful advice in other areas I am passionate about: travel, health-and-fitness & career.

So here I am again, having a smile on my face while I type this. With all excitement I ask you to join me on this new venture! Make sure you subscribe to my blog to be notified every time I post and while you’re at it follow me on Instagram and on bloglovin’ to tag along on this journey.


There is still some work to do, and the site still needs a bit of tweaking, I know! So bare with me and please let me know if you see any issues or have any suggestions on the new website and content you would like to see.

Thanks for reading and see you around!


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