Vintage Coat: Carnaby Street
Fedora Hat: Mango 
Leather trousers via +Fashionchick
I am welcoming the week with these pics from snowy Amsterdam, what a lovely weekend we had! Snow brings instantly a really magical and happy feel, don’t you think so?
Maybe a bit late, but actually right on time, I found the perfect winter coat! Really warm and chic (win, win!). One of my fave Saturday activities is to go to the AlbertCuyp Market to get fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. I swear, I had no intention to shop for clothes, but when I spotted this fluffy friend, on sale… Oh dear! I couldn’t resist. And the freezing and snowy weather only encouraged me to not leave it behind. With such an accessory, I don’t even have to worry about elaborating an outfit anymore.
TIP: If you like to find unique pieces, the vintage store where I got it, Carnaby Street, has a great selection.
Ah, and before I forget, Happy Valentine’s sweethearts! Share and spread lots of love today and always, this crazzzzy world truly needs that.
Keep enjoying snowy Amsterdam!