Hey ya!
It has been quite a while isn’t? The end of summer to be precise since I last wrote you. What a busy fall! I feel like – where did the time go?! – It was summer and now Christmas is around the corner. I am sitting at home on a Saturday night, I finally took the time to digest the past few months. Lots of travels, New York City one of them.
Ah, the Big Apple! It was my first time there and I am still looking for the right words to describe it. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite city (yeah NYC lover, I know what you are thinking). It is too busy and loud for me, but it does have something that traps you. Being there feels kind of like a deja vu, you know, as if you have been there before, you see images of NYC everywhere, so many shows, movies, and magazines, that it all looks so familiar.
On our first day, we went to see the Brooklyn Bridge, that was the number one stop on our list because of the history and architecture, and the views from there are amazing, plus it is a very photogenic place. After crossing the bridge we took a taxi boat back to Manhattan and walked around Wall street.
We visited so many cool spots and I am preparing some tips for you for the next post. For now, I leave you with this pics of that day. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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