Hi everyone, 
Today we officially welcome the summer, yay! Though, if I’m very honest I am a bit concerned that the Dutch weather won’t give in and allow us to have a few weeks of sunshine. 
I took these pics back in March, in my hometown in Mexico. March and I was already able to go with bare legs! Oh Mexico! It is mid-June and I think I can count on my 2 hands the days I’ve been able to do it here in the Netherlands. I know, it is sad. But let’s stop the weather complaints and let’s talk about the outfit. I am a suede freak, I love suede: boots, jackets, shirts, bags… I find it very easy to combine, it is great when you go for a boho look but at the same time it can look very elegant. It’s all about the combination. If you are looking for similar pieces go to Glamhive where I’ve shared this look and direct links to buy the outfit. Happy shopping and happy summer!
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