Wearing ZARA patchwork jeans (similar), ZARA floral shirt (similar), MANGO red sandals, ZARA leather cross body bag
These blossoming trees have been in my -places to take pictures- list for a long time. I don’t really have such list, maybe just in my mind, but every time I passed by this beautiful row of pink trees I could only think: I need to make a picture here! And believe me, they are just outside my house! I just had to find the perfect sunny day to finally do it.
I like them not only because they are obviously beautiful, but because they mark the coming of spring, they represent new beginnings. And I am happy I could capture them at their best, just in time, they have turn green all of the sudden. I wish they could stay like this all year long. But if that was the case, maybe we wouldn’t appreciate their beauty. What do you think?
I must thank nature for such magic, for such show of beauty and evolution. I would look every day out the window and see their blossoming progress, from tiny white blossoms to this gorgeous pink flowers. I am a person that enjoys the little things in life, I am easily pleased and seeing this every day made me very happy. Happy to be here, happy to be alive, the world offers us so much beauty, we should embrace it. Oh well, oh well. I got a bit romantic back there, but I truly believe in that… On another remark, what do you think about these jeans? I like them a lot, but according to my boyfriend, I should not wear them! I just said, “you have no sense of fashion” hehe. I am curious of what others think, though.
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