cocktail pic by: Awesome Amsterdam
There are certain things that are just meant to be together, dynamic duos that are good separately but somehow they are better together. For instance: fork and knife, pepper and salt, Brangelina, Tom & Jerry, Thelma and Louise, Tequila & Tacos… YES! Tequila & Tacos, what a great hit they were this last weekend. HPS Amsterdam  and Orale! Taqueria  got together and organized a great Sunday afternoon. Of course I could not say no to that dynamic duo, especially when eating delicious Mexican food is not something I can do that often over here. The mezcal and tequila cocktails were amazing and the tacos, mmmmm, they really brought me back home 🙂
Another  successful pair: jeans & t-shirt (they worked very well for this chill Sunday).

Whats your favorite dynamic duo?


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